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Online Course - Self Study

poker minset mastery pro

When I first started grinding $5 sit-n-goes back in 2008, I was broke and struggling.  I didn’t know how to get to the next level.  

Once I found out that online training for poker was a thing, my whole world opened up.  I started and ended each day with training videos, and pretty soon I was making serious money.

If you want to learn the habits, skills and mindset I’ve helped install for over 250 professional players across 25 countries, this is the program you need.

poker minset mastery pro

Poker Mindset Mastery - Group Coaching and Community

Do you ever feel like you know what you SHOULD be doing, but you just can’t seem to do it?  It’s not a lack of knowledge or skill, it’s something else…

What you NEED is the GTO Environment to keep you motivated, curious and accountable.

Inside the Poker Mindset Mastery community, you’ll find a support system like you’ve never had in your life. You’ll go live face-to-face with me every week, getting 1-1 support for your biggest questions and challenges. Add to that an incredible community of players, coaches and mentors, you literally can’t fail unless you want to.

Work with my team at a ridiculously low price:

Work face -to-face with me on group call every week:

High Stakes – Mentorship

Sometimes you just want the best and fastest possible solution.

This is the level for people who are ready to take massive action.  Jedi mode engaged. 

At this level, we immediately dive in and solve mental game leaks, emotional issues and optimize every area of your process.  We solve life leaks, get crystal clear on your goals, and ensure you are living a GTO life in every area.

Ready to take action but not sure where to start?

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