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Who is James Whittet?

James is a former high stakes professional poker player who now coaches other professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who are brave enough to gamble on themselves.

Do you ever feel like you know exactly what to do and you just can't do it?

I used to feel this way all the time.

Like no matter how hard I would try to stick with my habits, I would always fall off at some point.

Whenever a few areas of your life were going well, another key area would always be missing.  

Finances, health, family, friends and a relationship, it felt like something was always in neglect. 

I would find myself returning to the same cycles of burnout, frustration and inaction.

Often I felt frustrated, anxious or depressed.  The life I wanted was always just out of reach.

What about you?

Is it difficult for you to disconnect from your work?

Hard to shut your brain down to fall asleep at night?

Are you always in your head in social or romantic settings?

Do you have trouble being present, staying focused?

Mindset Performance Life Coach

If you’ve been finding that the more things change the more they stay the same, then it’s time for a shift in consciousness.

Most people stay stuck because they don’t know how to reprogram their subconscious patterns.

For most people they wake up and life is on repeat; it’s really hard to do anything new for any length of time.

When you work with me, we break that patten.

I have learned throughout my own life and in the lives of my 300+ clients from countries all over the world that real, permanent, lasting and profound change is possible.

My life looks nothing like it did some years ago when I was a stuck and struggling poker player who was introverted, anxious and clueless in relationships.

In order to become the person you want to be, you have to be able to shift your thinking and shed the idea of who you are.

You have to let go of who you think you are to become who you might be.  Who you can be.  Who you have always known your supposed to be.

My coaching is not for the person who wants to stay the same.  It’s not about treating symptoms and finding temporary solutions.

This is deep healing and transformation on an identity level.  

This is about actually becoming the person you’ve always known you were capable of being.


Mindset Performance Poker Life Coach
There are only 2 mistakes one makes on the path to self-realization.

#1 is not starting. 

#2 is not going all the way.

If you’re reading this far, it’s time to click that button and begin.

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