I help Poker Players have better lives.

Play your best, every session.
Eliminate distraction, burn out, and tilt forever.

Who is James Whittet?

James is a former high stakes professional poker player who now coaches other professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who are brave enough to gamble on themselves.

Using focus training, intelligent lifestyle design and emotional management, James helps his clients tap into the core of their power to create extraordinary results in their lives.

Do you ever feel like you know exactly what to do and you just can't do it?

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try to stick with your habits, at some point you fall off?

Does it feel like whenever a few areas of your life are going well, another key area is always suffering?

Do you find returning to the same cycles of burnout, frustration or inaction?

Do you find yourself frustrated, depressed or anxious?

Is it difficult for you to disconnect from your work? Are you always in your head in social or romantic settings?

Do you have trouble being present? Staying Focused? Shutting your brain down to fall asleep at night?

If you’ve been finding that the more things change the more they stay the same, then it’s time for a shift in consciousness.

Most people stay stuck because they don’t know how to reprogram their subconscious patterns.

This is where conscious evolution and true self knowledge come in.

Through a combination of awareness training, inner work, and guided meditation James is able to help his clients shift their state to place of full freedom to create their environment, business and lifestyle.

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